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Layout and synthesis of prodrugs of promising The Amazing Hidden Secret To Your Abiraterone drug candidates represents a valid system to overcome the lack of favorable ADME properties, specifically aqueous solubility The Spectacular Hush-Hush To Your Ponatinib and bioavailability. We report herein the effective application of this method with two representative pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidine derivatives (1 and two), which led on the growth in the corresponding and very water-soluble antitumor prodrugs (seven and eight). In vitro research confirmed a significant improvement of aqueous solubility and, for compound eight, superior plasma stability, suggesting superior in vivo bioavailability As expected, the uncleaved water-soluble prodrugs seven and eight showed The Secrets Of Your Abiraterone no activity towards the enzymatic targets (c-Src and c-Abl) but revealed promising antiproliferative activity in myeloid cell lines, as a consequence of the in vitro hydrolysis of your picked solubilizing moiety, followed through the release in the lively compounds (one and 2).