22 Ideas for Amazing Gala Dinner Giveaways

5. Wine glasses

The complex and sophisticated nature of wine makes it a very effective tool in planning a gala giveaway. Connoisseurs of the beverage will undoubtedly be talking about the libations being served at your event, and a high quality beverage will generate positive feedback. Sending your guests home with a vintage wine or wine glasses with a company logo is perfect for showing them your appreciation and ability to recognize quality wine and stemware.

6. Appliances

Practical items are great items for gala giveaways, especially if they are associated with your industry. Offering appliances made by your brand or sold by your store can keep your services fresh in the minds of guests and demonstrate quality. Offering a taste of what your company has to offer will keep customers coming back.

7. Spa Treatments

Nothing helps people escape the pressures of everyday life quite like a spa treatment. Giving away one or more spa treatments to your guests shows your appreciation and willingness to cater to customers needs. Treating guests with kindness can result in a lasting relationship between company and customer.