iPhone Insurance - I Dropped My iPhone in My Drink

Insure iPhones - FAQs Everyone who purchases a brand new cell phone, smartphone, or iPhone is faced with a conclusion. Do they purchase cellphone insurance? The carriers themselves offer cellular phone plans every month for a few dollars monthly, but theres also some 3rd party companies that offer their services with an upfront fee. Why would someone opt for a 3rd party insurance versus the standard insurance offered by the carriers? Although they come with an upfront cost, vacation companies typically cost less in the end through reduced claims fees and in most cases provide you with more value for the dollar. I dont want all of you to get into a similar trap that I did, however i also understand should you not desire to pay the ludicrous traditional provider amount each month. Well please read on guys - every single word in this particular article I believe is iPhone 3GS insurance gold when there is such a thing! There is no doubt I can save big money and save the heartache which was felt when I lost my iPhone without insurance! First, you should consider the statistics regarding iPhone loss and damage. iPhone Water Damage Nearly 1.2 million phones face water damage in one year and thousands of options are iPhones. Once your phone falls into water, the chances of saving it are minimal to none. Apple can be attracted to not allowing phone exchanges or returns in the case of water damage. Without insurance, the master of a damaged iPhone should pay up a couple of hundreds to buy another iPhone or perhaps downgrade to some less expensive cell phone. Losing an iPhone More than 1.six million phones are lost annually and thousands of them are actually iPhones. The stiff competition inside the cell phone industry gadget insurance has triggered the marketing techniques which might be undoubtedly consumer friendly. Before, these cellphone companies attract consumers by sending emails or making phone calls. That has become something of the past, since their consumer lures are more tangible and good to cellular phone subscribers. Free gifts, for example iPods along with other gadgets are included to the people who get contract cell phones. Sure, some individuals may think "Ill do without it" and this could possibly be OK for a little while. However, your day your iPhone becomes damaged or gets stolen, youll really regret not implementing out your protection plans for the device. Can you really afford to get a brand new one? Would you be capable of manage a low priced handset as an alternative if you cant afford a new one?