Migrating to Australia – What, Why and How?

Skilled Professionals can migrate to Australia through several ways. However, we will take a look at Australia Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) which, as the name suggests, is for skilled professionals who want to migrate to Australia and apply for Australian Permanent Residence.

Many applicants who opt for Australian Immigration also seek Australian Permanent Residence, but only a few succeed in holding an Australia Skilled Independent Visa. This is because, before they are entitled to get this Visa and reap its benefits, they are asked to prove their eligibility. However, application success largely depends on the current assessment process.

Australia is a developed country and one of the world's most beautiful destinations. There is tremendous growth in education, business, healthcare and hospitality rate since decades. Well-known for its most advanced research schools, businesses, colleges and universities with worldwide employment opportunities, migrating to Australia for higher studies or work is definitely worthwhile.

People who want to migrate to Australia depending on their skills or work experience need to apply for Skilled Independent Visa which falls under the Subclass 189. This is a visa to gain Australian Permanent Residence (PR). Thousands of people all over the world successfully migrate to Australia each year to enjoy several benefits.