Rebecca Elia MD

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Feminine Health and Wellness Expert

Rebecca Elia Quick Facts Main Areas: Women's wellness, Holistic gynecology, Psychology undergraduate degree

Career Focus: Life and Women's Wellness Coach

Affiliation: Creating Feminine Health, LLC, Founder

Rebecca Elia, MD is now a life and wellness coach after a twenty year career as a holistic gynecologist. She has worked both in the private sector with Dr. Christiane Northrup and in the public sector in large HMOs. She is excited about supporting, championing, and, guiding women to their own inner wisdom and resources to create health and balance in their lives. She also devotes her time to speaking, working on her first book, Creating Feminine Health, Finding Balance in a Masculine World, and spending time with family and friends, both in California and in Greece. Learn more about her coaching services at: You are invited to follow her on twitter: @rebeccaelia or join her Creating Feminine Health page or group on Facebook.