Everything you want is already here

Everything you want is already here

Have you ever seen any miracles in your lifetime?

Or maybe I should ask a much better question

Can you believe in miracles?

Give me the answer to just one of the questions, I could tell your answer to you for that other.

Doctor Wayne Dyer includes a wonderful book You will see it when you believe it. It is a life changing reading. Browse here at partner site to discover where to deal with this hypothesis. You should get a copy, if you havent examine it yet.

I have seen plenty of miracles within my life, and virtually every day I see miracles.

Wouldnt that be described as a wonder if you are thinking of improving your health, an experienced Chinese Qi Qong master come right into your daily life and become an excellent friend and teacher?

Wouldnt that be a miracle if you are considering increasing your spiritual existence, you suddenly find a book by way of a spiritual master in the early 20th century.

Wouldnt that be considered a wonder if you want to enhance your financial life, an retired multi-millionaire living around the other end of the planet come to contact you and is willing to show his achievement strategies to you?

Wouldnt that be a miracle when you might like to do a joint venture, someone from nowhere arrived at contact you and come out to create among the very best joint venture?

Wouldnt that be considered a miracle when you think about a solution for a challenge, and a brilliant idea suddenly hits you?

Wonder happens every where, it can happen to you also. Try Manifestation includes additional resources concerning the purpose of this enterprise.

And the good news is you can deliberately create magic in your life, and you dont need to do much work. All it will take is a few new ideas and understanding. By putting these powerful new thoughts in to your consciousness, you are literally transforming your life.

I'm planning to write a series of classes that you can use to generate new miracles in your daily life.

The fist new awareness you'll need to understand is

Everything you want has already been here:

Einstein had spent years to prove something Time doesn't exist, it only exist as a dream in humans head.

If time doesnt exist, then recently may be the same as today, and it's the same as tomorrow. Then there's just one time that's now.

If time does not occur, then every thing that probably exists will be active here. Imagine you are traveling from point A to point B, however it takes no time since time doesnt occur. At this point you can quickly travel from A to B. Then what's the gap between point An and point B. There's no distance; they both occur at the same position and at the same time. There is just one place on earth, and that is here. Think seriously what this really means. Suppose point An is where you're now, and point B is the where you want to be in your imaginary future, or say it your aims, you can now immediately travel from where you're to where you want to be. Yes, I mean INSTANTLY.

Everything that can possibly exist exists here, like the image you're holding in your head. If you dont believe it, consider if it's not here where could it be? The solution is nowhere. What exactly you imagine in your mind is nothing artificial, it's as true as your legs and arms.