Google Sued Over 'Click Fraud' in Adwords

On June 24, 2005, case was filed against Google for alleged click fraud on the Adwords pay-per-click program. The Plaintiff, Click Defense, claims Google didn't enact appropriate measures to protect against fraudulent clicks causing unwarranted marketing charges. To get further information, please check out: Click Defense states it has dropped over $5 million to click fraud.

Click Fraud

Click fraud is just a term with an original meaning on the net. It identifies the planned hitting of pay-per-click adverts by customers that have no purpose of actually building a purchase. It is common knowledge that dishonest companies can setup click stores runs where folks are paid nominal wages to click on certain ads. Alternatively, organizations uses programs called press robots that automatically search out adverts and do a similar thing. The end result, of course, is really a bevy of advertising budgets that are drained by clicks.

Google claims it requires appropriate preventive measures. Since the only source of revenues for Google is advertising this state, however, is usually met with a snicker. This triggers an conflict of interest since Google must maximize ticks to generate revenues. As a traded firm, Google is under great pressure to continuously show increased earnings. Taking all this into consideration, one must wonder how hard Google works to restrict fake clicks. The extraordinary bad conversion rates truly should raise questions in your head, when you yourself have used the content search facet of Google Adwords.

Click Fraud Proportions

Neither Google, Overture nor any search engine has been ready to release click fraud charges for his or her paid advertising plan. Ideas have now been provided regarding a rate of 20 percent. Active marketers know, however, the proportions can be much higher with respect to the competitiveness of the keywords in question. Click Defense, the Plaintiff in the lawsuit, is declaring a press fraud rate of 38 percent. I found out about by searching Yahoo.

May That Influence PPC?

The lawsuit against Google was expected. Every site using Adwords understands the problem with click fraud. Seriously, it's a problem with every pay-per-click internet search engine although our experience has been better with Overture.

So, may the search engines be forced by this lawsuit to wash up their act? Its difficult to express, but there should be one particular advantage. Within the suit, Google could be required to reveal the true click fraud percentages occurring in Adwords. Discover supplementary info on a related website by visiting If Google goes to quickly decide the case, you need to take it as an signal it desires to keep the prices private. This, of course, will mean the press fraud proportions are high.

If you use your site to be promoted by pay-per-click search engines you should watch the development of the lawsuit. Some very interesting information should really be exposed. Identify extra info on our partner URL by visiting Whatever the result, press fraud is simply another reason to pursue search engine marketing techniques..