Barca recent stable record

Since Messi injured, the media for him to develop a good schedule: November 21 when Real Madrid fight back! However, according to the "World Sports Daily," the latest report said, and do not care when Messi back, his primary task at this stage is completely recovered. If the state can not be a hundred percent against Real Madrid, Mei Xining choose a more secure hanging mianzhanpai."World Sports Daily" that they not go to Macy's at this stage to consider the national derby, how his head is full and complete recovery. Messi left knee injury for the purposes of a no small trouble, once the recovery down the root cause unfavorable, it may directly affect  Buy Fifa 16 Coins  the flea flexibility and power, but also the possibility of injury recurrence.

Barca recent stable record, so that Messi can rest at ease. After Messi injured, Barca played a total of five games, a record of 4 wins and 1 loss. Barcelona won the Leverkusen and Borisov in the Champions League, won in the league Rayo Vallecano and Ewald. And in these four victories, Barcelona have to win three games is reversed, red and blue army to show a good fight and attack capabilities.

Barcelona, the only losing a ball, but also blamed bad luck. Barcelona 1 2 loss to Sevilla in the battle, red and blue army hit the post four times, luck is really bad to the outrageous. Whenever the goddess of fortune is not so unsympathetic, Barcelona will not be defeated Pizjuan.

No Messi, Barca can rely on Neymar and Suarez support. No Messi, Argentina's day can be really bitter. Middle of next month, will be alive preliminaries Argentina against Brazil and Colombia. Messi and Sergio Aguero are sidelined through injury, Higuain, Correa, Di Bala, who will carry the banner of attack. The first two rounds Argentina 1 loss and not into a ball, and now Pampas eagle true to the life and death of Fifa 16 Coins .