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Exam Code: CAMS
Exam Name: Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists
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ACAMS CAMS Study Guide 137 Q&As
Updated: 10-29,2015
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NO.1 What are three factors a financial institution should examine with regard to a new customer
who is opening up a new account? Choose 3 answers
A. The country or location where the customer is from or does business
B. The type and size of the business the customer runs
C. The legal structure of the customer's business
D. The previous financial institutions where the customer has banked
Answer: B,C,D

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NO.2 A profitable commercial customer who operates an import-export business has multiple
accounts with the same institution at branches m different locations. The customer receives funds
from a jurisdiction perceived as highly corrupt according to Transparency International ratings. The
customer makes frequent transfers among the accounts and prefers to manage the accounts
separately. What should the institution do to mitigate the risk associated with these accounts?
A. File a suspicious transaction report
B. Diminish the importance of the subjective Transparency International rating
C. Conduct a trade-pnce manipulation analysis
D. Develop a system to monitor all the activity
Answer: A

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NO.3 Which activity is most likely to facilitate money laundering through on-line systems with
inadequate controls?
A. Conducting a large volume of transactions
B. Providing continuous worldwide access
C. Conducting anonymous transactions
D. Conducting large value transactions
Answer: B

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