Predictive Dialers And Other Vital Tools TO IMPROVE Your Telemarketing Profits

B2B Telemarketing Company has changed a good deal over the past few years. With innovative technology released such as Spitfire predictive dialers and other call center software and products, your telemarketing team can become more productive than ever now. Computerized telemarketing tools and the recent integration between your Internet and telephone systems allow your telemarketers to invest less time dialing and more time actually offering their demonstration to prospective customers.

Below are some unique telemarketing services and products which have revolutionized the way telemarketers conduct their businesses.

Predictive Dialers

A predictive dialer originated to dial telephone numbers automatically and then monitor calls and the types of answers it receives when dialing. After that it connects telemarketing agents to the call once it recognizes a real person is at risk. Predictive dialers are used in many call centers today, and have helped a large number of telemarketers increase their efforts and waste less time dialing non-responsive numbers.


Having a hosted predictive dialer system, you’ll only need a pc, Internet connection, and a telephone line for each telemarketing agent. With a Spitfire Predictive Dialer, for example, you’ll receive outbound and inbound dialing features, and can integrate the operational system with your T1 or analog lines without having a separate data source server. Other features include query-based dialing, and time zone sensitivity. You’ll have the capability to run multiple campaigns simultaneously also, alternate amount dialing, and monitor and record phone calls. This setup is an easy-to-use system and requires minimal work to get started.

This phenomenal CRM (customer relationship management) software drastically reduces the number of answering machines, voice mails, busy signals and hang-ups that your telemarketers may encounter during the workday.

Auto Dialers

Auto dialers were available prior to predictive dialers. These can dial telephone figures automatically for your call middle agents, but do not use algorithms such as the predictive dialer for connecting the agent to only successful phone calls. The auto dialer is a helpful tool if you have a limited budget but want to automate your telemarketing attempts.

Monitoring Systems

A monitoring system allows you to monitor demands testing, training, motivation and assistance. You are able to ensure better quality service by keeping an “ear” on your telemarketers throughout their training.


Amplifiers are excellent for ensuring good audio quality for every mobile call. With an amplifier, you can control the volume and allow muting. With some amplifiers, you can change from your telephone to your personal computer easily.


With headsets, your telemarketers can have free hands to create, type or do anything else while talking with potential clients. This prevents shedding of the receiver or the need to hold the receiver within an unusual position while attempting to create or type the client’s information. You can find many types of headphones including voice pipes, in the ear, within the ear, noise canceling, wireless, and convertible.

These are just a few of the basic tools every telemarketer should have to reach your goals. In today’s ever-changing marketplace, you have to stay ahead of the game with innovative call middle software and products like predictive dialers to be always a success. Telemarketing is still a great way to contact potential customers once you have all the tools you need.