S&A dual temperature dual control chiller for 500W fiber laser machine

In early June, I received a consulting phone from the company R. The company had use other brand chiller, but his customer want to have mult-choice , and he saw most of his peers in used of S&A brand chiller via the web, so he want learn about S&A chiller as his one of his high quality supplier.

According to parameters of the customer offered, I recommend the S&A chiller CW-6100AT with dual temperature and dual control function to the customer. Actually, S&A CW-6100AT has been recognized by our customers since the launch of the market. Especially its dual waterways refrigerating function( one of for cooling fiber head, the other for cooling lens) , it not only can save the costs, but also convenient for the user.

Finally, the customer choose the S&A brand industrial chiller after through understanding.

Thank you for the trust and support from customers.http://www.teyuchiller.com/UploadFiles/FCK/CW-6100AT.jpg




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