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And she may very well think she hates you. So in my opinion, Shylock was more of the victim than the villain as may be seen in the play. You are worrying and worrying and getting ill. It deals with tastes and fancies artistic talents and property derived through wife or business partners luck. Your Wife Still Loves You Even Though You Might Not Think It Most men whove cheated on their wife assume that she no longer loves him after an affair. Dont forget, you broke her trust and her world and went behind her back with someone else, so its totally normal for her to be upset with you. It is good for health and mind. She can be angry, disappointed in, and out and out floored by the affair, but eventually these feelings should be directed toward the affair and not you. Benefic or the moon in the fifth house increases the strength and number of the progeny. Hes becoming more physical Hes somehow stepping into your personal space - he may try to get that leaf off your hair instead of just gesturing to you that its there, which is what regular male friends do. It indicates places of entertainment. But he makes sure he gets in touch with you several times a day - maybe to say hi, or to ask a silly question that he already asked yesterday, or to forward a joke he found on the internet. References Alfred, D. Exposition usually ends in an inciting moment. Shylock, the merchant of Venice, Wildside Press. ragazza rumena ragazza rumena