The Ability Of Your Unconscious Brain

Scientists state that we just use 10 % of our minds. Think about what I simply stated. We utilize only 10 % of our minds! We are wasting the other 90 %. Think of it this wayƖ.what if we just used 10 % of our salary? Could we survive on 10 % of our income? No way, unless your Costs Gates. Exactly what about consuming only 10 % of the food we make? Would not that be a waste of food? What if we slept just 10 % of 8 hours or 80 minutes a day? Could we survive? What if we had only 10 % of the oxygen that was available? Could we survive? The answer to all these concerns is a resounding NO!

Why do we put up with utilizing just 10 % of our brain? Take a look at your life. Are you living the