Slicked back Hair For Men

Hair Style: Slicked Back Hair What You Will Need: A hair product with great hold A hair product that provides a lot of texture A hair spray or styling powder to keep it on fleek the whole day. Not sure what to get? There is a list of recommended products at the bottom of this post! Step One: Apply The Product That Gives Texture To start off this slicked back hair tutorial, take your product that provides texture and rub it into your hands. Depending on what you have chosen, it should appear either white or transparent. Start working the product through the hair, don't worry about the styling yet, right now you want to focus on working the product in. Work it in from front to back and don't forget the sides! Once this is done, you can let your hair assume it's (somewhat) natural position. Pat yourself on the back, you have just completed step one. Step Two: Apply The Product That Gives Hold Similar to step one, you want to take a little bit of this product and rub it between your hands. I would recommend using a light application because not only are we using three different products, but TOO much of this stuff will make your hair look oily, unwashed and most importantly not on fleek. Work it into your hair but THIS time you want to start to style it. Run your fingers through your fringe and push the hair back. This step is the most time consuming and you'll either get it perfect within the first 10 seconds, or spend the next hour in front of the mirror. Step Three: Time To Make It Indestructible Congratulations you've made it to the final step! You'll be relived to know that this is the easiest. The only thing left to do now is to make your hair hurricane proof. There are a couple of ways to do this, but I'll start with my favourite. I prefer to use an extremely strong hold hairspray. It is the quickest method out of the two I'm sharing with you today and it only takes about 10 seconds. If you hate hairspray (or aren't as lazy as I am) a better alternative for you would be a styling powder. Putting this powder through your hair gives it an extreme hold without the cripsy feeling of hairspray. Now go rock your new slicked back hair! slicked back hair