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Samsung-SGH-i900 (Omnia 16 GB) Windows Mobile Are you also asking yourself the question "Can I locate someone by cellular phone number?" There are a lot of reasons why anybody may want to locate someone with a mobile phone number. If youve been getting so many annonymous calls and you also want to finally stop the nuisance, know precisely in which the idiots who have been making prank phone calls in your phone lives, or if you try to trace someone and many types of youve got is the cellular phone numbers you will are one who are trying to find how to easily locate someone making use of their cell phone numbers. There are numerous ways to follow some by using a telephone number. The market is flooded with a selection of cellphones introduced by corporate giants on the market. Manufacturers like Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG, and Sony Ericsson are today, mobiles can be purchased in a range of prices beginning from Rs 1,000 to Rs, 50,000, wide spectrum of colors, various patterns which range from simple candy style to sliders and touch screen, plus a complete choice of features. For people who are mobile freaky and still have enough money to pay, prices from the handsets have gone even higher to about Rs 2 Lakh. This high price is related to the excitement of customization and high quality of lifestyle. Design The sleek metallic body is an incredible blend of style and intelligence. The 3.2" monitor is really a delight because it provides crystalline look at images, videos, movies plus some more functionality. The display is incredibly attractive because it has numerous colors. The mobile is extremely light- weighted as well as simple to carry. Available in Modern Black. A mobile phone cover as said before would be good in protecting our units from severe damages. When one drops his or her phone from at the very least a (click here) height of 6 feet theres a 60% probability of reparable damage as well as an 80% chance that you would must replace your phone. This needless to say, is reduced significantly if you buy covers for his or her phones. The soft, rubber or leather material that produces in the cover cushions december the device. It also makes your phone look somewhat better for presentation. This cellphone accessory is probably the most important you can get. Internet access is supposed to be a required feature in todays scenario in computers as well as handsets. The Samsung Omnia Pro B7320 is really a GPRS enabled device. You can surf those sites smartly about the HTML and WAP enabled browser of this gadget. Moreover, the handset incorporates Wi-Fi support, which allows one to access unlimited Internet at excellent speed in the Wi-Fi supported areas. Windows Live, Yahoo and AOL may also be used to talk with friends. Messaging features are also available in order to keep connected with spouse and children, that include SMS, MMS, Email and IM.