Moving to Australia

Moving to Australia you will need to develop a credit history from scratch. Opening a bank account from outside the country is straightforward - and by far the cheapest way to transfer large amounts of cash. You will not immediately qualify for a credit card until you have a job. Make sure that existing cards keep working in your home country - make sure you maintain a postal address which will stop the card's statement being returned for example. Until you have a residential address, not a post Box, you will not be able to prove your identity for items such as police checks (essential for most jobs), car licenses etc. Having a relative or trusted friend in the same state came be very useful to start this paper trail going. Once you have the local driving licence it all becomes a lot easier.

Consumer goods and clothing are relatively cheap in Australia and shipping costs are relatively high. You may want to consider shipping little and buying most when you arrive.

Costs of a Move to Australia

Visas and Passports including required documentation, vaccinations, health checks etc.

Shipping Costs.

Storage costs for items left at home

Costs associated with selling or renting your home.

Airfares and any stop over on the way to Australia

Initial Costs in Australia

Arriving without accommodation or transport makes it difficult to acquire both. Budget for 2-3 weeks of accommodation in a self-contained apartment or hostel and a rental car. Assuming that you intend to rent for the first few months, even if you later buy, then 2-3 weeks should be long enough to find a place.

Avoid arriving in January, February as this is when rental demand peaks. Also avoid arriving too near Christmas as the entire real estate industry takes 2 weeks off.

Rent a car to ensure that you are mobile enough to buy one. Budget for a mechanical inspection unless you are mechanically competent and expect it to take a few days to transfer the papers. The paperwork will be easier if in the meanwhile you have acquired local drivers licenses.

Setup Costs in Australia

Access to three months living expenses while you are looking for employment.

Rental Bond and Rent in Advance: could be up to 4 weeks in total varies by state.

Vehicles: purchase, inspection, transfer fees, licence fees, insurance.

Drivers Licences

Police clearance required for many non-professional jobs.

Bonds for telephone, utility companies

Mobile Phone, Broadband connection, Pay TV (broadcast TV is free)

School uniforms and school fees