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Would you actually want to invest your day dealing with indicators that are cumbersome? No way.

As a realtor, you've got things that are a whole lot more important to be worried about. But your hints are not unimportant. They're your first-line of promotion for that house or flat you have listed.

"But can my hints be effective without being cumbersome and difficult to install?" YES!

Leave your hammer at home

A good real estate position includes a built-in step-peg that allows you to work with your weight to easily ease the stake into the ground. Simply place your foot on the step- view and peg as the stake slides until the resists in the ground and you automatically know that the steak is all the way in, sturdy as can be.

With this "measure and install" method, everyone can set up their sign using a stake. It even drives easily into soil that is hard. You don't have to pound your hint into the ground with a mallet, which can damage your real estate sign, or count on on an HYDROGEN-wire stake that breaks the 2nd you put it.

Simply step, and you are done!

Simple to install but hard to break

The real estate frame stake that is plastic is hardly two feet tall and weighs nearly nothing and less than 8" across at its widest point. This stake is super durable and engineered to resist punishment from brutal weather. The webbed design helps to ensure the air current isn't getting your genuine estate sign everywhere!

However you can take it anywhere

As it is so light and level, the measure-peg indication stake is super-portable. It fits neatly underneath the seat of your own car. Throw it in your luggage compartment before you want it, and forget about it. They're easy because they fit virtually everywhere to keep at the tip of your finger.

Plus they fit the best sign material for your business

These stakes are appropriate for coroplast real-estate signs, which are inexpensive and extremely lightweight. You probably already use signs in your real estate business.