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Would you want to invest your day dealing with signs that are cumbersome? No manner.

As a real estate agent, you might have a whole lot more important things to be concerned about. But your indications are not unimportant. They're apartment or your first-line of promotion for this house you've recorded.

"But can my hints be effective without being cumbersome and hard to set up?" YES!

A real estate stake that is good features a built in step-peg that allows you to make use of your body weight to easily ease the stake to the floor. Just place your foot on the step- view and peg as the stake slides in the ground until the resists and you automatically understand that your steak is completely in, hardy as can be.

With this "measure and install" system, everyone can set up their sign using a stake. It drives readily into soil that is tough. You do not have to thump your hint with a mallet, which depend on on an HYDROGEN, or may damage your real estate sign -wire stake that breaks the 2nd you put it into the ground.

Merely step, and you're done!

Tough to break although simple to install

The plastic real-estate frame stake is just two feet tall and weighs practically nothing and less than 8" across at its widest point. This position is super durable and engineered to resist punishment from brutal weather. The design means that your actual estate sign isn't being taken by the air current anywhere!

Because it is so gentle and flat, the measure-peg signal stake is super mobile. It fits under the seat of your vehicle. Throw it in your luggage compartment before it is needed by you, and just forget about it. They're easy since they fit almost anywhere, to maintain at the end of your finger.

And they fit the right sign content for your own company

These positions are suitable for plastic real estate signs, which are cost-effective and really lightweight. Signs are probably used by you in your real estate company.