Excelling Arizona Schools Named for 2004-2005 School Year

As with many school systems throughout the Usa, Arizona Schools have several measurement and accountability programs in-place to boost student scholastic success. One accountability program for the Arizona schools is the AZ LEARNS success program. Sponsors is a wonderful library for further concerning the reason for it. A-z LEARNS contains all Arizona schools accountable for the performance of the teachers and students, measuring performance over many years versus a snapshot one-year measurement. The A-z LEARNS assessment is based upon four established sizes currently required by the Arizona schools. They are:

AIMS Scores Measures reading, language arts and mathematics for elementary schools; and reading, writing and mathematics for high schools.

ROAD Measure of Academic Progress for colleges, where students results for AIMS and SATs are compared to the state average.

Graduation/Dropout Rates Employed for the high schools.

AYP Sufficient Annually Progress methods student skill in the states educational requirements of mathematics and reading over-time.