What is language? why do we need language? is it bad to have a language?

There was a long conversation on the topic of language. One student friend was trying to communicate with the lecturer in class using the so called "literal mans language" -English-. unfortunately his English is not too good. As such he struggled to articulate his ideas. Even though he struggled the lecture was able to get his argument.

Now, out of the class, some girlfriends ganged up to insult this student for failling to use good English to communicate. A debate started on whether one whose language is not english should be embarrassed for not speaking good english.

The common arguments being that, for him being at the university  he should have known how to speak good english, and that, it is very embarracing to the university, to produce someone who does not speak good english. But the question here is: isn't language there for communication only? and that, once a person has communicated the ideas s/he wanted to communicate then the language has done its course.

Then why should one be embarrassed for speaking wrongly a language which isn't his but he communicates well with it? The problem is the mind and 21st centuary disease that has got in most of the young men and women, that whosoever does not speak english is illiterate. But then, this is a very wrong perception. There are people living in the villages who are very wise and literate than those who claim to be literate. They know what they want and so they go for it in their own way.

The fact of the matter is that Language is there for the purposes of communication, so that we understand each other. it is just a medium of information. The important thing of all is the information.