Why Choose GuaranteedRemovals.com?

Why Choose GuaranteedRemovals.com?

In some industries, as many as 70% of prospective customers do an online search on a company as part of their decision before buying. Negative reviews can have a major impact on sales – for some companies it can cost hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars. The whole way reviews are currently set up on the internet, and the huge impact they can have is quite unfair to businesses and individuals. Ninety-nine percent of your customers could have a positive experience, but they are unlikely to post reviews. A few (possibly unreasonable) clients post damaging content and it makes your reputation appear far worse than it is.

Most Online Reputation Management companies offer limited options for how to deal with your complaints. We believe that the approach to Reputation Management should not be ‘one size fits all’ and offer a variety of solutions tailored to your problem. We offer comprehensive services, including ‘reverse SEO’, PR services, de-indexing and deleting to ensure you get the best results.

We have deleted content, or de-indexed links from many different sites, including: Complaints Board , Complaints.com, Private-Complaints, Scam Group, ScamOrg, She's A Homewrecker, The Dirty, Topix, Ripoff Report, Pissed Consumer, Yelp, and many more. We've also helped our clients to get rid of negative content on news sites, blogs, and review sites.

We’ve been doing Reputation Management for over five years, and have removed complaints and provided reputation boosting services for hundreds of clients. We believe in being upfront about our abilities and the costs for our services. We’ll tell you what we can do for your complaint, how much it will cost, and how long it will take and we only expect to be paid for results.

Whenever possible we will delete reviews off of the website itself. This means that the review no longer exists at all, and cannot be found in any search engine, or through the internal search for the website.

When we can’t delete, we look at the possibility to de-index the link from major search engines. Search engines will often remove links if they violate terms of service or are proven defamatory in court.


Push Down
While we will try to delete or deindex a review whenever possible, sometimes it simply doesn’t work. In these cases, we do offer suppression services to lessen the impact of the review on your business. We will push the negative reviews to the second page of results or beyond to help improve your reputation. Our services are guaranteed, so you don’t pay unless we get results.


Build a Positive Reputation
Our services aren’t solely focused on removing the negative, we also offer to develop real, positive information about your company online. Our PR packages guarantee results, and we have the opportunity to get clients into major media offline and online. Getting featured in major media can have a major impact on your reputation.