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How To Use A 7 Day Car Insurance Policy You may not know about the fact you can find auto insurance for the short-run or even to get a day.  It is not bull crap, search the web and you may think it is. Till the year 2005 just the vehicle industry sector were offered vehicle insurance for day. The dealers used a renters insurance policy within their showrooms when the clients took the car for test drive so that in the case of accident the motive force is insured. Insurance companies became aware of the very fact most of their potential customers failed to use their cars frequently, or many people even dont own a motor vehicle, but due to the rules of state there were dependence on them to involve some sort of vehicle insurance. There is no time or location for accident to happen when it takes place may very well not be prepared for it. Accidents could happen not due to your fault, but due to other drivers fault. Even if you drive occasionally there can be a major accident. If you drive occasionally, then you dont feel that its reasonable to cover yearly premium of your automobile insurance.  So opt to get a short-term insurance on your specific insurance requirements.   There are several other causes also as to why short-term vehicle insurance could be (click here) people. In case you have been in any accident, or maybe your car moved for repair, even though you need to borrow your friends or relatives car for a short moment. Also, if youre receiving a great deal with a second car you do not need daily, however are tempted by the deal. In such case how come you would like to spend on vehicle insurance for both the case, as you will probably be using only one? Look into the rates of short-term insurance for that second vehicle that you drive occasionally.  Aside from that, normally the one day motor insurance is also advisable for individuals who avoid using their car on a daily basis. If you have that unique car that youd only use for a particular day then there is no requirement to pay for the full insurance plan since it wouldnt be used that frequently. At least youll be able to still save money especially if you must pay another complete policy for the automobile thatll be used frequently. Some companies can be better than others at handling these situations. You can try asking your current provider when they offer this kind of protection. If they are informed about it and handle it on a regular basis, then you can certainly decide on them. If they cant help, perhaps these people have a recommendation for where you can go. If they dont possess a reference then youre yourself. A quick search online will uncover many quick insurers whose specialty is just this type of policy. Many times these types of companies include the right choice as its all they certainly. Theyll be able to guide you through the process to make it pain-free as you can. Theyll also be able to make sure that you have got the exact type of coverage that you wanted for your situation. If you are undecided about where to find the best insurance provider youll be able to perform simple search. Some sites will actually do the looking for you and also all you need to do is allow them to have your basic information like your age, age, make and model of vehicle covered, etc. This information will help them determine how much cash you will have to pay for one day auto insurance. When the results return you can then select which company you need to go along with based on the money you need to pay as well as the coverage you may receive.