Washer and dryer features that save loads of money

Expensive washers and dryers don't necessarily clean or dry better than those that cost $700 to $900. But they do have the latest features and in Consumer Reports tests of washers and dryers we looked at all of them. Here's our take on 10. Keep in mind that features are often bundled, so to get one you want , you may end up paying for several you don't.

Six must-haves

Large-capacity machines let you do more laundry in a single load so you can get done faster. Washers earning excellent capacity scores in our tests fit 17 to 24 pounds of laundry, or about 9 to 13 pairs of men's jeans.

Recommended model: The LG WM8000H[V]A, $1,350, front-loader is the largest we've tested