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Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Geeks If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you must have noticed the significance of the flashlights. Hikers and backpackers have to have a dependable light when trekking after dark. Most of us could possibly have experienced the hassle situation caused by the lousy flashlights. Nobody can deny that flashlights are important gear for hiking and backpacking. If you forget to look at along flashlights, the action experience would be miserable. They really deserve your precious pack space. Alarm Clock: This is an absolute necessity for just about any serious university student. For those days when they have been a young class to get to or perhaps a paper to change in on time a security alarm clock will help this the crooks to rise early and stay punctual. This gift idea can definitely squeeze into your budget since it can be purchased at very cheap prices (ranging from $5-$50 depending on how fancy you would like it to be). If youre lucky you may even buy one on sale at Walmart. Thats should you be lucky. Now that you mentioned this kind of scenario, there is actually one kind of bag used for several purposes and not first activity. This is known as the Frostfire Moonmax multi functional carry bag. Quite a mouthful, right? Well, that may be so nonetheless it actually has a good mouthful of features too and this includes keeping your stuff inside quite dry (or additionally, it may keep everything beyond your bag dry if you are carrying together with you tons of wet clothes from that swimming event youre to). 3. Socially connected gadgets. Nowadays, so many people are into social networking. With sites like Facebook and Twitter, most people are inspired to connect with people around them. This urge for social connection and knowledge sharing makes many manufacturers of mobile gadgets include social network functions in their products. Many gadgets now support instant messaging, document sharing, VoIP calls and video conferencing, Web surfing and in many cases location-based services. Bluetooth and infrared technologies with your mobile phones enables you to transfer your desired pictures, ring tones and music out of your friends mobile in seconds. Bluetooth wireless technology also allows you to transfer data from your mobile, directly into the computer without resorting to the USB port. Moreover you can use it like a modem.