Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 A New Screen Shots Better Than FIFA 16

KONAMI's sales in 2015 out of an IGN God as "Metal Gear Solid 5: phantom pain", and since then only come to work is to get "live soccer 2016", on the occasion of the official sale again released a new game screenshots , picture detail and "FIFA16" compared to a lot less, a cover Neymar play the leading role, the other is Messi, ultimately to sales king, who is more appealing to the players,  Cheap Fifa 16 Coins and so on at a glance.

Finally, the "Pro Evolution Soccer 2016" will bring more powerful game expression. In this as in, the game reinforces physical collision system, making the player feel the passion when you play soccer field can be honest collision, rather than just as false as pinball collision. At the same time, this made the AI players will be more intelligent, face player controls the ball players, AI teammates will choose a reasonable tactical coordination, while opponents AI players to put pressure on the players will be through a variety of powerful tactics, I believe this will be the "live football" series of the most real confrontation process.

The latest television commercials, the football star Lionel Messi played the role of the brunt of the protagonist's videos, but not with his partner is belong to the national team of friends Aguero. The entire section highlights the lively atmosphere of football videos, many sports stars in Fifa 16 Coins it having all the fun, even Kobe Bryant also came a move "shot hole" of the stunt, but he is a basketball hoop basketball scored .