The decision must be made before the 1/8 finals

FIFA officially accused Suarez for his biting incidents On local time Wednesday, a few hours after the ending of the game Italy against Uruguay, FIFA announced that the Disciplinary Committee has opened investigation procedures against Suarez. Uruguay needs to submit relevant evidence before Wednesday 17:00. If the charge comes into existence , Suarez will face being banned for two games to suspensions for two years Buy Fifa 16 Coins.

The decision must be made before the 1/8 finals.Chiellini said after the game it was pediculous not to send Suarez off the field. Review Suarez's career, this is not his first bite. In the Eredivisie League and Premier League Suarez has had bitten other players. Whether he bit Chiellini, Suarez did not admit nor deny, but he said he was very angry because Chiellini hit his eyes in the game.

FIFA Disciplinary Committee is primarily responsible for irregularities against players who escaped the referee’s eyes. Evidence are from referee reports, groups and eyewitness statements, written materials, audios and videos. FIFA since 1994 uses video playback technology. FIFA spokesman said: "We are waiting for the referee's report of the match and gathering the necessary evidence to assess the incident."More World Cup news are from   Argentina and Nigeria qualified Suarez Responded to Biting Cases Fifa 16 Coins.