Plant Bag Application-Plant Bag Wall

Plant Bag Application-Plant Bag Wall

Construction Steps:

First you should do wall survey, in addition to length, width and outer area of the wall, you also need carry out investigation on wall material. Concrete wall (blank wall), a metal wall, brick, wood-paneled walls, plaster walls or foam wall these are all common wall. For different wall, you should use different way. For example: blank walls are best suited for high-strength waterproof and adhesive coating applications and then you can directly access to the next step. Tile walls and metal walls are different from blank walls since they already have waterproof function. And this function also makes the walls incompatible with high-strength paint. But it does not matter, just a few change can achieve the desired effect that is to add some clean dust.


With concrete analyses of walls material, you can decide some related high-strength waterproof adhesive coating and paint it on the walls. Generally speaking, to green walls is high-altitude operations, general construction scaffolding is not enough, so in the process of brushing worker usually use slide (Spider man) or support in the form of basket of construction. After the completion of the bonding, you should wait eight hours or more. Usually in the second day you can go to the next step.

Installation of water supply systems.

Usually we use three meters (one-story) to install a row of water pipes. Pipe can be divided into the circulatory system and exhaust system according to customer demand.

Link pipes with a dropper and insert into each plant bag (each small pocket on the plant bag) and then insert dropper into the nearest row of plant bags. After the completion, because of gravity and structural characteristics of plants, the water will flow into the plant bag according to the route plan, which would also greatly reduce the cost of building materials and construction.

Precautions of growing plants. Currently according to implement nutrition pot plant growing techniques, you can put plant into plant bag in same size. It is easy to operate and easy for adjustment and maintenance.

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