Al Lamb's Dallas Honda, Anaheim #2 Round 3 Supercross 2015

The second of three stops to Anaheim Angel Stadium took place on Saturday. The AMA Supercross Monster Energy races that night was a great crowd puller with close to 41,000 raving fans edging the riders on their way to glory. It was a rollercoaster battle for Team Honda as the star riders championed for greater heights in their path towards #WhosNext. Star riders of Team Honda Cole Seely and Trey Canard pitched a few hairy bump ups with other riders. Lap 7 saw Trey Canard challenged by Chad Reed as they battled for fourth place. Misjudgment by Canard resulted in him bumping in to the back of Reed’s bike making both loose precious time on track. Instant retaliation came from Reed who rammed Trey Canard off track and to the ground, a move that cost the competition for Reed as he was disqualified and black flagged.