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Table 1Simulation Experimental ResultsA comparison is manufactured between LEACH-PF algorithm and LEACH, LEACH-MF, Dexamethasone (DHAP) and CMRA algorithms beneath the identical simulation parameters except the nodes amount. The average vitality consumptions of every round for distinctive algorithms are proven in Table two, that are calculated prior to the 1st dead sellckchem node happens.Table 2The average energy consumption once the initial node is dead.As can be viewed from Table 2, inside the same network area, there exists only somewhat difference among the 4 protocols once the variety of nodes is compact. With all the raising of quantity of the deployed nodes, the average vitality consumption of LEACH-PF isthe smallest than other protocols. That signifies that LEACH-PF consumes less energy than other protocols.

In the following experiment compared with CMRA and LEACH-MF, nodes are distributed inside the spot of 300m 300m with all the original vitality setting at 0.5. The rounds once the 1st node is dead and half with the nodes are dead are counted individually, likewise because the regular energy consumption of nodes in each and every round. The experimental effects are as follows.In Figure three, the blue column represents the rounds in the first dead node whilst red column represents the rounds from the death of half from the nodes. As could be seen from Figure three, from the highest on the lowest, the rounds of your to start with dead node sequence are LEACH-PF (519R), CMRA (496R), LEACH-MF: (464R), and LEACH (176R). By the exact same way, the rounds from the deathTAK-632 of half of the nodes sequence are LEACH-PF (563R), CMRA (541R), LEACH-MF: (527R), and LEACH (289R).

It displays that LEACH-PF has the longest lifetime in both situation.Figure 3The comparison of node death round.In Figure 4 the green curve is the number of survived nodes with all the increase of rounds for LEACH-PF. The other curves indicate the identical for diverse algorithms separately, such as red curve for CMRA, blue curve for LEACH-MF, black curve for LEACH. Figure 4 demonstrates that LEACH-PF could survival a lot more nodes compared to the other 3 algorithms.Figure 4Four algorithms improve together with the quantity of rounds remaining nodes.Figure five shows the topology on the LEACH-PF algorithm. The size of network region is also 300m 300m. The network need to be divided into 5 five little parts in accordance to LEACH-PF. Each and every place is assigned a cluster head node. The cluster head constitutes a multihop routing tree successfully.

Figure 5The topology for LEACH-PF.6. ConclusionOn the basis of hierarchical routing protocol, this paper proposed an enhanced clustering and cluster head variety mechanism with distribution place and also the remaining energy of nodes. We utilize the likely distinction involving the various equipotential fields to construct the intercluster communication routing tree. The experimental results demonstrate that LEACH-PF postponed the rounds of very first node death and enhanced the monitoring time of network to surroundings and extended the network lifetime.