The World Before Mobile Phone Insurance

Smartphones: The Facts and Figures We all spend a lot of money on having the latest handsets available in the market, we either rush on the service providers to see if theyve any deals with the most popular phones or we simply buy SIM free phones. But the money spent on buying the mobile phone the in either case decreases the drains if we do not buy cell phone insurance. If your one of those lazy personalities who thinks phone insurance is a waste, then think twice. The research shows, that 1.3 million cellphones stolen and 1.six million phones damaged or lost. Now this are a wide number and also you dont know you mobile could possibly be just the next one increasing these digits. The cell phone plans are likely to be for contract & pay as you go cellphones. However, some companies also have insurance plans for simfree handsets. The statistics worldwide points too,theres been rise in the mobile theft cases during past 2-3 years. Therefore, owing the right mobile insurance coverage will definitely keep your handset owners relaxed. Particularly if you use your cell phone for business purposes, there is not any excuse if you are without cell phone insurance to protect your small business investment. More and more people nowadays ply their trade from a cell phone. Its convenience provides for many client communications--not only telephone calls, but text-message marketing, email responses, and mobile apps created for use from your customers or clients. You can be open to your customers night and day and through the week, understanding that after they call your small business number, you can pick up the letter regardless of where you might be at this time. With the simple addition of a card-reader and selected mobile apps, your phone may serve as cash register, computer, accountant, banking account manager, Rolodex, and much more. You can update your company website; manage shipping and tracking and inventory of products. Now imagine in case your phone was damaged and also you didnt have the immediate resources to replace it. A few pounds a month is often a negligible figure to put money into the safety of the primary business tool. Secondly, you could include your cellular phone to your dwelling contents insurance coverage, as numerous policies enable you to add individual personal pieces of value. This can some times be good good value, since you may t be charged a different fee. Caution needs to be taken though, as you will probably discover in the big event of your claim being made, the entire claim process could take several weeks to get resolved. It would be also a good idea to view website have in mind the excess fee you would have to pay using this method, as it may be set very high. Contrary to what lots of people believe, the phones warranty doesnt cover accidental damage or theft of the phone, it only covers defects in workmanship for any limited period of time. You are not able to submit a claim to get a dropped phone, water damaged phone or another accident. The warranty is just not can be a type of phone insurance.