Sky3ds Cheap

For the latest Nintendo 3ds new system 10.2.0-28, here is a warning for you. Sky3ds card is the direct 3ds game hacking card for 3ds 10.2.0 firmware, but Gateway 3ds card, it supports 3ds emunand 10.2 not 3ds sysnand 10.2. Don’t choose a not working flashcard for your 3ds/3ds xl hand-held. If you are still confused on the two cards, i will explain to you in the post.
Sky3ds card supports running multi-3ds roms on 3ds/new 3ds/2ds v10.2.0-28 straightly. It is the 3ds game supported card made by As the official site updates, blue sky3ds works on 3ds 10.2 firmware without problems. Whatever you have US/JP/EU version 3ds/new 3ds/2ds console, the card is fully compatible with. Unlike other 3ds game flashcarts in the market, Sky3ds is more expensive, more special and more easier to use. It’s a good idea to buy one sky3ds for playing of Hundreds of 3ds games on 3ds gaming device!

sky3ds high price: Sky3ds always support the latest 3ds system makes it has the highest price.
sky3ds special hacking tech: Sky3ds emulates official 3ds game card. 3ds system regards it as the retail game cartridge when run it. It cheats family 3ds system.
sky3ds easy setup: A few steps, no need for kernel and 3ds exploit. Download diskwriter tool and template file,flash 3ds rom into sd card via diskwriter, put sky3ds with sd card into 3ds. That’s all!
Gateway 3ds, it is the 3ds flashcart with the most powerful functions but it can’t support 3ds system from v9.3 to v10.2. Its Emunand function is for emulating 3ds system to run higher version 3ds games. With GW emunand 10.2 working on your 3ds/3ds xl console, you can play the latest 3ds games, access eshop, play online games and enjoy all features of 3ds 10.2.0-28.

Latest GW emunand version: For old 3ds, 3DS EMUNAND 10.2 is working. For new 3ds, 3DS EMUNAND 9.5 is working
GW Emuand Update Guide: You can find in our blog.