A Short Course on Cooling Systems

A Short Course onCooling Systems by Charles Ofria This article is broken down into four sections: What is a cooling system? How does a cooling system work? The components of a cooling system Cooling system maintenance & Repair What is a Cooling System? A typical 4 cylinder vehicle cruising along the highway at around 50 miles per hour,will produce 4000 controlled explosions per minute inside the engine as the spark plugs ignite the fuel in each cylinder to propel the vehicle down the road. Obviously,these explosions produce an enormous amount of heat and,if not controlled,will destroy an engine in a matter of minutes launch x431 pro plus. Controlling these high temperatures is the job of the cooling system. When a head gasket goes bad The process of replacing a head gasket begins with completely draining the coolant from the engine autel mx sensor. The top part of the engine is then disassembled along with much of the front of the engine in order to gain access to the cylinder heads. The head or heads are then removed and a thorough inspection for additional damage is done. Before the engine can be reassembled,the mating surfaces of the head and block are first cleaned to make sure that nothing will interfere with the sealing properties of the gasket. The surface of the cylinder head is also checked for flatness and,in some cases,the block is checked as well. The head gasket is then positioned on the block and aligned using locator pegs that are built into the block. The head is then placed on top of the gasket and a number of bolts,called head-bolts are coated with oil and loosely threaded into the assembly. The bolts are then tightened in a specific order to a specified initial torque using a special wrench called a torque wrench. Then the cooling system is refilled with the appropriate amount of antifreeze to bring the coolant to the proper mixture of antifreeze and water. For most vehicles and most climates,the mixture is 50 percent antifreeze and 50 percent water. In colder climates,more antifreeze is used,but must never exceed 75 percent antifreeze. Check your owner's manual for the proper procedures and recommendations for your vehicle.
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