Clothes color tie-in skill suitable for Asian fashion women

Clothes color tie-in skill ideal for model baju batik kantor fashion women

7e-fashion Beauty is what every woman expects, following after fashion have grown to be part of their life, especially for young girls. In a market or clothing shop, looking at those dazzling various kinds of clothes, for those who have feeling that don't know how to choose your own clothes? Result is that everyone appears good, so buy every one of them back home. But finally you merely wear it once or twice, and buying the next time. Actually Korean fashion isn't that you will wear what others wear, fashion is definitely your own individuality. Wear out the most appropriate yourself style, then it is the forever fashion.

So what is the four months color matching theory?

Spring of color collocation concepts -

Spring is the most suitable person color point is: not too old, the color is too dark. Spring people dress belongs to the bright tone warm color section is tonal, colour collocation in bright comparison, should follow the emphasize of his handsome. Japanese fashion Spring is the most widely used type range of color is yellow, reddish colored, orange choice, orange.

The summertime of color collocation principles --

The summer people who have healthy skin, drinking water pink glow, shallow rosy lips, soft hair, provide a person with extremely downy elegant overall impression. The summer people who have blue suit for the color of quietly elegant of downy, so they can foil a gentle, quiet personality. The summertime people wear suits different tones of pink, blue and purple and hazy feeling is certainly tonal, on the color collocation, the best way to avoid big tonal contrast, hue in shade in the same.

Autumn of color collocation principles --

Autumn is the many mature in four color matches most representative of showily aureate, the colour is green, such as for example orange seaweed deep and rich colors. When the choice, should choose red brick reddish colored and orange color and comparable. Autumn is among the key dress warm color division is made up tonal. Full-bodied and rich colours of autumn can foil a mature noble temperament, the colour is more vigorous guy can foil autumn of ceramic epidermis.

Winter of color collocation concepts --

Winter most suits natural color, the color used on various nations' flag may be the the most suitable color for winter type. For instance when choosing red, you can choose wine red, pure reddish and rose crimson. In four color months, only black, pure white, gray three colors are the most suitable for using in wintertime, blue can be the patent of winter season type. But while choosing deep heavy color, you must have contrastive colors to balance.