Da Nang travel - Heaven for relaxation

Da Nang may be the fourth largest city and among top model baju batik modern in Vietnam as well. Perhaps, no one arriving at Marble (Ngu Hanh Child Mountains) misses an opportunity to visit Non Nuoc Rock Carving Village. The original village was set up by an artisan from Thanh Hoa (a province in north central coast of Vietnam) in the 18th century. Visiting the village, tourists could have the opportunity to explore the procedure of making sophisticated items and items from special stones in this property. The material of those products is definitely marble stones exploited in Ngu Hanh Son Mountains. Emotionless stones carved by skillful hands of artisans become amazing items containing the soul of manufacturers. The procedure undergoes many hard steps; however, the admiration of enjoyers to the products supports local artisans to be closer to their job also to the village. Items of Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village are diverse from Buddha statues, statues of humans, animals and deities- to colourful and meticulous-produced bracelets- In Da Nang tours to Ngu Hanh Son Mountains, tourists can freely choose souvenirs made of marble stones for relatives and buddies.

Pham Van Dong Beach

Da Nang is indeed lucky when it is bestowed many striking beaches. Swimming and playing on seashores in Da Nang have already been daily routines of locals and visitors. On summer days, the number of locals and tourists coming to beaches rises considerably. And, Pham Van Dong Seaside is among the most visited seashores in Da Nang. The seaside lies by the end of Pham Van Dong Road near East Sea Recreation area. When going through Han River Bridge, right down to Pham Van Dong Street, and you will reach the beautiful beach. Among Da Nang seashores, Pham Van Dong Beach benefits many big investments, and turns into the most modern public beach in Da Nang. Getting the precious gift of the nature with turquoise waters, white easy sand and useful auxiliary functions, Pham Van Dong Seaside becomes a -hot- attraction in the town. Near the beach, there are various hotels ready to serve such as for example Golden Sea Hotel and Monaco Hotel- Also, a number of restaurants and bars are designed close to the beach to serve all needs of tourists after swimming.

Asia Park Da Nang

Asia Park Da Nang is located in the southeast of the Memorial on 2/9 Street along the west financial institution of Han River near Tuyen Son Bridge, with an area of about 89ha. This is a leading amusement park in Southern East Asia with the huge expenditure of 4000 billion dong. The park has regions of cultural exchange region, roller coasters, Monorail, free-fall tower and speedy slides, and Sunwheel Da nang. Nine typical cultures of Asia as Japan, India, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Southern Korea, China, Nepal and Vietnam will be present at the cultural exchange area in the park. Each culture has featured miniatures for visitors to explore. Meanwhile, Monorail will help tourists to take pleasure from great view of the complete park. For all those as fans of adventure games, free-fall tower and speedy sliders in Asia Park Da Nang are excellent choices.