Sky3ds Sd Card

Gateway 3ds which supports 3ds/ds games at two carts, Dstwo plus which supports 3ds/ds/gba/snes games in one card, which is the best flashcart to buy for playing Nintendo 3ds and ds games on 2ds v10.1.0-27, here you can find the correct flashcart satisfy your need!
Gateway 3ds has two parts. One is Gateway 3ds blue card, the other is Gateway 3ds red card. Blue gateway card is used as DS Profile Exploit to boot GW mode on 3ds system, red card is capable of saving and supporting 3ds game roms. GW 3DS is the first 3ds game flashcart in the market, in the former time, it worked on 3ds firmware only from v4.1 to v9.2. Then with the updating of GW ultra kernel, this card breaks the long-time limits and extend its 3ds compatibility to 3ds v9.2. Furthermore, Gateway 3ds card also supports 3ds games on 2ds, new 3ds and new 3ds xl consoles. If you guys have 3ds/new 3ds/2ds video game device stay on the GW working firmware, buy this card to play free games, you can enoy all the gateway functions below.

100% 3DS Game Compaibility: support nearly all 3ds games to date
Multi-rom support: means you can put different 3ds game roms into your GW Red card and play it.
Multi-rom Menu support: means you can select one game to play in menu on the screen.
EmuNand support: means you can play V10.1 3ds games on your 3ds V4.1~9.2 system even through keeping the console version on 4.5~9.2
Region free: means there have no restriction for you to play games which region are different from your console, so if the card has this features, you can use the card play Japanese games on your American 3DS console.
Downgrade 3DS:means you have the possibility to downgrade 3ds firmware to let GW more easily to use on your 3ds handheld.
Backup Sysnand: means you can have a copy of the 3ds system in case of any 3ds bricking risk
Support 3DS/DS games with two cards called gateway blue card and gateway red card.
exFat & Fat32 support
Multi language support
3DS Game cart backup
eShop and online play support

Dstwo plus card

Dstwo plus is the upcoming 3ds flashcart in the market. It will release in this month by and you guys can pre order in our site According to the team, new dstwo plus is more than supercard dstwo, it supports NDS/GBA/SNES games as like original dstwo and can run 3ds gamne roms with the GW plugin. That is meaning Dstwo plus emulates Gateway on the basis of supercard dstwo. In a word, dstwo plus supports all the features at the following.
We have to get 2 flashcarts to play 3ds and 2ds games on 2ds v10.1, one is SKY3DS for 3ds game play, the other is R4 3DS for ds game play. Both work on 2ds 10.1.0-27 without problems. R4 3ds card is much cheaper, supporting ds games, region free, homebrews, GBA/SNES/NES emulation, video, music, e-books and other files playing with $18 price. Sky3ds is a little expensive. But this card is the Unique 3ds flashcart runs 3ds game roms on all 3ds firmwares, including 10.1.0-27. That's meaning if you want to play pirated 3ds games on 2ds v10.1, you have no other choice but sky3ds card. cheap sky3ds