Do Link Exchanges Still Operate?

Lets quit proper there. Im going to clear up a few issues. All hyperlink exchanges are not dead. Link exchanges when implemented appropriately can nonetheless be extremely beneficial to your search engine rankings and can even drive traffic to your website.... Ive read about link exchanges a lot recently. Ive noticed a lot of folks who say that their predictions that link exchanges would stop functioning saying that they have been correct, and that they dont work, and that they in truth hurt your website. Lets quit appropriate there. Im going to clear up a couple of issues. All link exchanges are not dead. Hyperlink exchanges when implemented properly can still be really helpful to your search engine rankings and can even drive visitors to your web site. Prior to I inform you how to do it proper, let me inform you how to do it wrong. Any hyperlink exchanges promising hundreds or links instantly upon joining should be avoided unless the only search engine you care about is MSN (and even that may be ending soon). Exchanging links with each and every internet site under the sun is also undesirable. For further information, please consider looking at: via. Utilizing a hyperlink exchange as the only way you get hyperlinks will also not be a path you want to wander down. Okay, so now that Ive taken all the fun out of it, let me inform you how to do it so that you stay away from any search engine penalties and really see your search engine rankings increase from link exchanges. Very first, uncover service or computer software that will let you to manually seek and select your partners. Second, once youre in, take your time. This dazzling linkemporer portfolio has collected thrilling warnings for the meaning behind this viewpoint. A few hyperlinks right here and a handful of there. Third, be constant about it. Visit to read the reason for this activity. Details contains new information concerning the reason for this concept. Exchanging hyperlinks ought to be done each week, or at the quite least every month. You want the quantity of hyperlinks to increase over time. Fourth, only trade hyperlinks with web sites that are associated to yours. Also, make sure you visit the web site youre linking to, you dont want to be linking to websites that are junk unless you want to be thought of as a junky website as well. Fifth, maintain the quantity of hyperlinks to beneath ten% of the total quantity of links pointing to your internet site. That implies youre going to need other linking strategies, but thats okay, there are a number of offered and you must be using them all. So now youre armed with the knowledge of how to do link exchanges and keep in the excellent graces of the search engines. So the next time somebody starts proclaiming from their high horse about how link exchanges got them banned or hurt their rankings, just keep in mind that they have been likely attempting to use shortcuts to get artificially higher search engines. There are in truth a lot of very good factors for internet sites to be linked to a single another, and the search engines know that. The thing the search engines dont want to see is a site that will only link to a internet site that will link to it. Make confident you have one particular way hyperlinks pointing each into and out of your site in addition to your link exchanges and youll be in excellent shape..