Some Of The Top Rated Tourist Attractions In Cairo Attractions

Some Of The Top Rated Tourist Attractions In Cairo Attractions

Cairo is the largest city in Africa and the capital of Egypt. The city is along the Nile River and also has many attractions. Rising from the sparkling desert heat, Cairo is an intoxicating blend of cultures, history and peoples, which has fascinated travelers from earliest times. Much has been written and said about this incredible city, but to experience it for oneself is to take home everlasting memories of the city known as "the Mother of the World". Cairo is a fascinating place to take time out and enjoy Egyptian Life.  It is the administrative capital of Egypt and is located in the north east of the country and surrounded by the River Nile.


Cairo Attractions draw more tourists to Egypt than any other part of the country. With the mind numbing Giza pyramids on its doorstep, and the pyramids of Saqqara a stone throw away, it’s easy to see why. Take time out to explore the famous Egyptian Museum, The Citadel and the Hanging Church. Visit the famous pyramids situated at Giza, the Sphinx and Sakkara. In the evening take a drive up to Elmo Tam Mountain from where you can sit, relax and drink in the atmosphere of Cairo from the coolness of the mountain.  Eat, Drink and live Cairo. Away from Cairo there is still more to see at the ancient capital of Memphis.


Several pyramids and the Great Sphinx are located on the desert plateau marking the boundary of Giza, a suburb of Cairo. Cairo Attractions feature a huge web of old twisting streets and are a unique place to visit. The streets have many buildings and mosques which display traditional architecture. The majestic Citadel is another important historic site. There are also many other attractions like the Mosque of Mohamed Ali, Al-Gawhara Palace, the Well of Joseph and the National Military Museum. As a major tourist destination in the world it's a good place to travel for the people who want to Africa.


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A trip to Cairo is like no other place in the world for that perfect gel of the ancient, the medieval and the cosmopolitan, all beautifully blended into the most exciting city on Earth. Explore the Cairo Attractions with real ease to get life time memories.