Talking About Silicone Rubber Sheet

           Silicone Rubber Sheet is very low in viscosity and can easily flow into the most complex molds.It provides excellent stability over a wide range of temperatures. Silicone Rubber has very low compression set and is well suited for compression sealing applications. The materials maintain their flexibility, resiliency, and ability to transmit mechanical force at both high and low temperatures.Medical Grade Silicone Rubber materials provide excellent electrical insulating qualities even under severe environmental stress such as extreme temperatures, moisture, UV, ozone and oil.

      Silicone Rubber Sheet has good flowability and it can automatic mould. Mold Silicone Rubber can control the curing speed. Silicone Rubber Sheet is mainly used in toys gift industry, handicraft industry, and furniture decoration industry. It also applied to mould manufacturing industry, polly, simulation plants and animals sculpture.
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