How To Use Silicone Oil

      Silicone Oil has excellent water repellencey, good dielectric and insulation performance.  Silicone Oil can be independently used for various fabrics in the form of water solution, such as polyester, nylon, cotton, polyester cotton, wool, artificial silk, is capable of remarkably improving the hand feeling of the fabrics with antistatic performance, and reinforcing the washing fastness and stain resistance property of the fabrics.Silicone Oil is coloress, transparent liquid, odorless, no-toxic, viscosity ranging from 5-5millioncps.
      In Cosmetic industry, Silicone Oil is used for skin care cream, bath gel, shampoo and other cosmetic formulations with excellent softness and silky feel.Silicone Oil is widely used by several industries including laboratories and medical facilities. Food grade versions of this oil are utilized by restaurants and breweries. Pharmaceutical companies also incorporate this oil in certain medicines.Silicone oil also has unique properties that make it suitable for a wide variety of additional applications. This oil is well known for its thermal stability at extremely hot and cold temperatures.

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