Top 3 Core Matters Of Social Development In Odisha

Top 3 Core Matters Of Social Development In Odisha

Societal inclusion of the underprivileged and weaker sections to the mainstream is the key to development in Odisha. Unfortunately, even after the passing of six decades since independence, overall development hinders in different areas. Government facilitations of social development programmes might work a portion, but real development only occurs from the participation of every person in the society.

As of now, social work in rural communities of Odisha plays a major role in development. The rural people’s standard of life has to be improved, so that they can earn their living in a comfortable and respectable way. In order to accomplish such targets, core objectives must be achieved at first. The following discusses some of the core issues regarding social development in Odisha.

•    Basic amenities in the rural areas alongside infrastructure

In a broad sense, basic amenities encompass education, water & sanitation, maternal and child health care, total healthcare, infrastructure and other. Why do they matter so much? In view of the fact that these basic layers of foundation would help the nation progress towards a brighter future, social work in rural communities of Odisha is extremely important.

CSR initiatives from reputed companies and government schemes are some of the concrete steps for development. Even now, open defecation is a prominent reason for illnesses in the rural areas. To prevent that, setting up of toilets and other hygienic sanitation measures are highly required. Health care centers are vital to people who are deprived of immediate medical treatment. Similarly, infrastructure and education would be a laying stone for the children of the future.

•    Skill development and encouraging start-up entrepreneurs

After covering the above, we move forward to another prominent issue which is concerned with the current status of the people. The rural areas of Odisha have high unemployment and poverty levels, which needs immediate attention. Here, the social development in Odisha is possible through skill training programmes.

The skill development programmes or schemes aimed at enabling people with proficiency would help them find jobs at factories, enterprise or any other industry. Moreover, the skilled persons could start a new enterprise of their own with the help of government funds. As a matter of fact, there are various schemes launched by the government, which provides finance and machineries to startup entrepreneurs.