Sky3ds Initial Setup

Blue Sky3ds or Homebrew 2.5, which supports multi-3ds rom on New 3ds ll 10.2?
If you are on new 3ds ll v10.2, how to play multi 3ds roms freely, choose the blue sky3ds card which removes the 10 game limits or smealum's homebrew which supports romhack with the latest 2.5 version? Here is the answer.
Blue button Sky3ds card supports multi-3ds rom on new 3ds ll with 10.2 firmware directly. This is a 3ds game flashcart and can be used to play multiple 3ds roms downloaded online. You can buy the card not only for new 3ds ll console, but for original 3ds and 2ds system handheld.
Sky3ds with good 3ds game compatibility, it supports hot 3ds titles such as Xenoblade Chronicles, Monster Hunter4 ultimate, Super Smash Bros, Zelda Majora's Mask, Mario Kart 7, Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire and so on. The blue button version makes it a better card than before, because users can put over 10 3ds roms into sky3ds at a time. If you have blue sky3ds card in hand, it is totally free to play Hundreds of 3ds games.

Aside from being the only one flashcarts pirates 3ds roms on 3ds latest system, Sky3ds is much easier to use than GW and other 3ds flashcarts! The whole installation is just Plug&Play, you can use blue sky3ds on new 3ds ll and 3ds ll with the following simple steps.

STEP 1: Preparations

Download the 3DS roms you want to play. (You can find some source in the email we have sent to you)
downlaod DiskWriter tool v2.02b1and latest tempalte file
8GB or 16GB micro sd card. ( don’t recommend the 4GB, the 3DS rom is very large)
Blue Sky3ds

STEP 2 flash the rom to the micro sd card

At the diskwriter folder, you will find the DiskWriter Vxxx.exe and template.txt. please keep this two files in the save folder. Run “DiskWriterV2.02b1.exe”as an administrator role. If this app can’t work.Please install the “Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0+”(download here) run on your PC with WINDOWS XP/7/8 OS
(PS: the template.txt hold the Game ID information. So it’s very important, If the game ID informaiton is not in the template.txt, you can’t flash the game. So please wait the sky3ds team release new template file.)
A dialog will shown and choose the micro sd card drive.
At the menu File, there are Write (flash rom),Backup Game,Restore Game,Backup Save Data,Restore SaveData.Format.
Click the format (at the first time) to format the micro sd card to special type.
Write the rom to the micro sd card
Click the Write->choose the game rom
Insert the micro sd card into the SKY3DS Card
Put the SKY3DS into your NEW 3DS LL/3DS LL console.

sky3ds card