One Stop Destination for Indian Students to Study Abroad

There was a time when I was struggling to create a profession for myself. After scoring reasonably great marks in senior secondary examination, I failed to get admission in a medical college. I decided to drop one year and give it ielts preparation di jakarta make an effort to clear the medical entrance test. However I didn't perform well and ended up studying Bachelors of Research (General) in Delhi University. In those days my future looked very dark to me. A decision at that time by my parents transformed my future. The decision was to send out me to a international university to pursue my advanced schooling. I successfully a Masters of Pc Science and I am currently working as a software developer in a multinational company.

I am writing this article to help students in India if they are planning to study abroad. I faced my difficulties when my parents asked me to move abroad for advanced schooling. It was very difficult as I cannot obtain all details on the in foreign countries, popular courses, education mortgage in India, education consultancy solutions in India, information regarding English tests, etc. I searched the internet for hours and the information I got was of little use.

When a student makes the decision to go to a foreign university, there are numerous important decisions they may need to make. I'll share my experience and can try to answer the queries which every college student should ask themselves if they decide to go to study abroad.

Which country is the best destination for studying overseas?

There is absolutely no best destination. Every nation has its advantages and disadvantages. You should select a country which is best suitable for your preferences. Your decision of selecting a destination shouldn't be based only on your selection of college. You will live and function right now there, so medical facilities, living requirements and safety should be considered as well.

What English test I need to pass prior to get admission in foreign college/university?

There are five English tests which measure your level of English to study overseas - GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL and IELTS. You will not need to take all those. Different colleges have different requirements of English. Based on the course and college requirements, you have to take only 1 of the above English assessments.

Which college and which training course?

Choosing a course is essential decision. You should select a course based on your subjects in senior secondary college or subjects in college. Choosing a course of your interest is imperative. In case you are pursuing a course without the interest, there is chance that you will score less marks which can affect your interview for a job. So you should think about previous knowledge, your interests in courses and future work perspectives while choosing a course.

It is always beneficial to do a course from a well recognised and respected college as it will help you in getting a job after effective completion of the course.

Do I need an education consultant?

Education consultants make the process of applying to a foreign college easier for you personally.