Mechanical principles of plastic extrusion machine

Add the raw material powder in water or perhaps appropriate liquid, and the regular stirring. The stirred materials, with huge extrusion pressure from the nasal area or a porous steel mesh extrusion.

The material is placed after the Cylinder with screw extrusion materials usually. After using the Inverter technology, the pressure could be controlled, in order to choose the most appropriate linear speed.

Principle of single-screw extruder

Effective mixer extruder length of a single screw is generally split into three sections, according to screw size, screw pitch deep to look for the size of the successful amount of three sections, one-third by each division generally.

I expected previous thread started calling transport section: request can't be plasticized material in in this article, but warm, legitimate squeeze pressure, squeeze at night old theory that the body where the material is loose, then by proving that the material here's actually Solid plug, that there surely is a materials by extrusion as stable as the stopper, so as long as the task is to entire the transfer of its function.

Called the compression section of the second paragraph, this time around by the huge size of the spiral groove became smaller, and the temp of plastics elements to achieve the degree of compression produced in this article by the transportation section three, where in fact the compression to one, is named the screw compression ratio - -3:1, some devices could change, full the plastics material into the third paragraph.

The measurement section of the third paragraph, where in fact the plastics material to keep the temperature, as correct as metering pumps simply, quantitative materials conveying melt to provide the nose, once the temperature is not really lower than the plasticizing heat range, generally higher point.