5 Retail Trends In Mobile

Today, retailers are finding it easier to sell their products in a better way through mobile phones with its latest innovation of using GPS and various mobile apps developed in the e-commerce market. The future generations are more into mobile phone shopping and retailers can have improved business with mobile apps and in-house selling. Over the years, retailers have developed different ways to attract the right customers to their products and increase the sale of their items.

The top five trends most retailers follow to attract their consumers through mobile phones are,

1. Social Networks as a Platform

What can be a better place than a social media to introduce a new product where, you can find a large number of people and with an interest of buying products of similar needs, isn’t it? People with an increased interest and involvement in social media like Facebook, Whats app, and a few others, are more likely to look and shop for things based on the advertisements they see on the page visited. Such social media provide a very good platform for the retailers to sell their products. Like in Facebook, retailers can create a page of their business and can introduce their page to people through sponsored page and can attract customers on a wide range to shop online.

2. Location Detector

Shopping with a smart phone in hand can be a benefiting experience for both the consumer and the retailer. Thanks to the invention of iBeacons that helps to identify a customer in their proximity and allows to send messages and information on the products through blue-tooth. When people are in the reach of the signals, they can receive messages on their mobile phones as to check out a new product in the shop where they might be standing or passed in front and so on. This will help the interested customer to walk into the shop and look for the items.

3. Loyalty points

Retailers give points on shopping and buying their products and let the customers to have discounts and other offers to redeem using the loyalty points they make. People find it easier with the mobile app showing the points they have made, how many are in use and the entire calculation on using those points to make a purchase. Many retailers even give free loyalty points to customers on downloading their app. For example, Flipkart, India's one of the best e-commerce market offers special discounts and offers for people downloading their app and shopping through the app.

4. Use Customer Data

People most of the time browse for products of some choice and forget all about it after a few days either because they might have found it at a lesser price elsewhere or simply because they have got busier with other things in life. Through the latest mobile apps, retailers can use the customer's most visited product data and they can send information through messages and mails about the latest offers and discounts on those products making the customers re visit the retailers shops or sites.

5. Mobile Wallets

Although only a few retailers are providing its customers the option of wallets, many distributors are considering the option and the use of wallets are on the rise. Mobile apps allow the customers to have a digital wallet in which one can store personal information such as their debit or credit card numbers, coupons, tickets etc which can be used while shopping online. To know more about her click here: http://www.braintechnix.com