Why Choose Portage Lakes Career Center

Your place of study shouldn't only concentrate on your ielts preparation jakarta selatan and development but also be profession oriented. It is the career orientation focus of PLCC that many learners choose it over competition. The various programs it provides ranges from 2 years to up to 4 years long.

The School's Educational Mission :

"To establish the Portage Lakes Career Middle , Adult Section, as the vital community source and educational center that delivers an environment where the individual can achieve measurable competencies. The Career Middle provides the services and directions necessary for making career choices, the skills needed to be personal directive and proactive through life's transitions, and the data which can enrich and enhance the quality of life. In doing this, Portage lakes Career Center promotes the economic development of the community."

Major Areas of research:

Always remember to choose a line of study that you are about and leave the rest to your learning years. The major fields of study in here are:

Medical Assistant

Medical Office


Engine and Automotive

Cosmetology may be an extremely lucrative career option but if you can't appreciate the concept of beauty treatment and enjoy this genuinely, it doesn't matter where you study, the choice will be wrong. So, always pick something you are passionate about and partner with the proper people. Right career middle and the others will work out automatically.


The world is increasingly becoming a global village and it seems sensible to review with students from several ethnic backgrounds. You never know with whom you have to share your workplace space tomorrow and therefore, having a global understanding isn't only nice but also crucial on your own survival. While the majority of the students are Americans, you will notice a lot of African and Asian students trying to create their mark.

Most students are youngsters even though you will find some really young and some old students, a lot of the students are in the 21 24 years age group. Some of the students get back to school to hone their abilities after working for a few years. Their experience actually helps the rest of the students to raised understand the demands of a corporate set-up before engaging in one.