Top Things To Do On Your Holiday With Golf Phuket

Top Things To Do On Your Holiday With Golf Phuket

Phuket, Thailand - one of golfer's paradise destinations for a golf holiday with warm tropical climate, pristine beaches, first class golf facilities and the best golf course in the World built around the island. Enjoy golfing trips and packages with playing on several top class golf courses with panoramic scenic of beaches, emerald blue waters lap gently onto insanely sandy shores. To plan a vacation in Phuket means lots of activities, adventures, and sports. Golfing holidays have become immensely popular with people who have an inclination to engage in sophisticated sports.


Phuket is Thailand's largest island and is home to many beautiful beaches, set against the background of verdant coconut palms and sparkling lagoons. Every bay is unique, every creek has its own charm, and the sunsets are invariably spectacular. Visit shimmering temples and colonial mansions, indulge in Phuket's many activities including golf and enjoy an excursion to the many surrounding islands during your holidays to Phuket. While golfing in some beautiful, breathtaking setting is a definite luxury; booking with travelers while also providing a full getaway package that includes comfortable five star hotel accommodations, among other features is a preferred way to travel today. Golf Phuket can mean much more fun than an impromptu visit to this enchanting island.


It is no surprise that Phuket, with all its international luxury resorts, also boasts excellent facilities for golf. There are some stunning courses where the luminous blue of the nearby sea contrasts with the rich greens of the fairways. The Blue Canyon Country Club, the Phuket Country Club, the Laguna Phuket Golf Club and the Mission Hills Golf Resort are four of the best known providing outstanding facilities. Where ever you choose to play golf in Phuket, it is usually possible to book a whole package with all facilities. Golf Phuket mainly located quite close to beach resorts, making it a win-win situation for tourists who can play off golf and then go to the beach and relax.


Golf has become very popular in Phuket and as a result many world-class golf courses have come up in the country. PHUKET GOLF HOLIDAYS provides services for Golf in Phuket. Get special Phuket Golf Package with accommodation, Phuket Green Fee and golf tee time reservation with us. We are more than happy to tailor-made special Golf Package in Phuket for you and do all effort to make your holiday memorable.


Phuket is fast becoming a preferred destination for golf holidays and there is without a doubt that this fascinating and exotic country does provide you with a unique golf experience. So explore Golf Phuket which provide you the best experience that treasure forever.