Transtech sponsors 2015 Architectural Lighting and Creative Display Conference

On Oct 11th, 2015, the landscape lighting and creative display conference held in Shenzhen Chang Feng Hotel. Organized by The decorative lighting professional committee of the Chinese illumination acad and, and sponsored by Transtech and other LED display company, this great meeting gathers many industry experts. Mr. Shi Yaozhong and Mr. Zhou Yuguo, the CEO of Transtech, were invited. Mr. Shi Yaozhong gave a speech about the combination of landscape lighting and project and shared his idea of business model innovation.


Transtech is a LED display company ran by a highly qualified team who has witness near 20 years of LED display industry development history. They are experienced at LED display R&D, manufacturing, and installation project. Jiangsu Retop is a subsidiary of Transtech which is focus on landscape lighting project design.

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