Add Interest To The Sleeping quarters With Designer Quilt Covers

Designer duvet covers For Your Bedroom can add interest to a room that is uninspiring. If in going for restful, the room became boring, add color and design with bright quilt covers in interesting designs. Look for quilt covers australia products that add colors and designs that add interest to the bedroom in an environmentally friendly way. The collaboration between the artists and the craftspeople around the world produces unique traditional techniques used in modern designs. The making of these products gives income to many traditional craftsmen and artisans.

The company, Sage and Clare, is owned Chris and Phoebe, a couple dedicated to offering other people interested in interior decorating a source for global treasures to decorate with that are handmade, soulful, bohemian and eclectic. Worldwide artisans including weavers, screen printers, block printers, and practitioners of other traditional decorative techniques are taught to use these techniques on modern designs by Sage and Clare. The results are meant to inspire and delight customers.

The results of this collaboration with artisans in countries such as India and the owners of Sage and Clare are sold from their online store. There is free shipping anywhere in Australia for orders of $100.00 and over. Some of the products sold through the website are doona covers, bohemian furniture, quilt covers, pillows, cushions, and other interesting accessories. One can also find personal items like tote bags, clutches. scarves, and jewelry. There are bath towels, rugs, and wall decor items to choose from. This collection from around the world is always changing with items selling out and new introductions being added.

The beauty of using quilt covers is that they can be changed as the mood dictates. Quilt covers are inexpensive enough so that the homeowner can buy one for every season and change them for a whole new look for the bedroom. Quilt covers are washable and easy to store when not in use. To add a little more color and design, one can order a collection of pillows or cushions in coordinating designs or contrasting colors. Perhaps the addition of an area rug beside the bed would add another element of interest to the room. There are many interesting items from around the world to tuck into a corner here or a bare spot there around the house. All the products are made using ethical practices and environmentally friendly materials and techniques. Please visit the website periodically to see the new collections.