CSR in Hong Kong

Corporate Social Responsibility - Jebsen launches 'Life is Art' CSR programme for children

With art being a major theme in many of its community outreach activities, the Group has consolidated its efforts with a new 'Life
is Art' CSR campaign to enrich the lives of young children with art through three channels of accessibility, appreciation and application.
It will involve a series of volunteer events designed to improve the exposure of art for children, develop their appreciation of art and
infuse art into their daily lives (Application).

Under the 'Life is Art' campaign, the Group kicked off two programmes in September that focuses on children with autism - painting and clay craft classes in Hong Kong and djembe course in Shanghai that are also joined by teams of Jebsen volunteers working alongside the professional teachers to create the art work together.

As the 'Life is Art' framework, ongoing initiatives like Shutterbug Club, where Jebsen will continue to bring the art of photography to migrant children from rural China in Beijing and Guangzhou will continue while new ones such as Jebsen & Co. Choral Arts Youth Scholarship has been added. The scholarship, conferred to its 10 recipients at the World Youth & Children's Choir Festival Hong Kong 2015, represents the Group's commitment to nurturing young talents who dedicated their professions to choral music.

Philanthropy - To Nepal with love

When news of the devastating earthquake in Nepal reached Jebsen, the Group and its employees rallied together to help. To raise funds, the Group organised charity afternoon tea sessions on May 14 and 15. CSR Ambassadors and other volunteers led the initiative, which was held in Jebsen offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as Jebsen's several Porsche Centres. With the support of Jebsen employees, the heart-warming initiative raised a total of around HKD70,000. All proceeds, together with a donation of HKD 100,000 from the Group, had been channels to the Hong Kong Red Cross to support ITS relief efforts in Nepal.

CSR Partnership - Project Morning Star returns to Gansu

Since it was established in 2011, Project Morning Star has delivered on its promise to bring much-needed eye care services and education to rural China. As the CSR collaboration between Jebsen Group and global non-profit organisation ORBIS enters its fifth year in 2015, it was an opportune time to revisit its first project site in Gansu province. Retracing the steps of the first Jebsen volunteers, a team of 10 employees from Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen made the long journey to Gansu. In five days, they visited two primary schools, a disability centre and a nursing home, helping the ORBIS team with eyesight check-ups and education seminars for the local community. The volunteers also visited two of the earliest beneficiaries of Project Morning Star, Li Maxia and Ma Maiyan, whose eyesight were restored thanks to free eye surgery under the programme.

Reflecting on his volunteer experience during this field trip in Gansu, Mr Jason Zhang, IT engineer of Porsche Centre Shenzhen Futian of Jebsen Motors said: "Through Project Morning Star, I feel that Jebsen is not only helping to treat eye diseases. More importantly, we are opening the eyes of these children to a bigger world."

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