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Dear Tony, I have tried everyone else, and the results seem to be the same. I am disabled and so is my husband. SO, we live on $1397.00 a month. I am counted on the welfare rolls, but my billing # will not be released (activated) until I "spend-down", give them back, $500.00 of our income ! We both worked our whole lives, my husband was a draftsman/control designer for 25 yrs and before that a factory worker and student. I worked before we married and had kids, and at small stores at night when we had kids. When they started school I worked at their school for 6 years for free (volunteered), was on the school board, and helped out where needed. Now, can you please tell me why, being a citizen, tax-payer since the age of 18 (53 now), and I have to BEG for help, was in a coma 4yrs ago due to pneumonia,and need a lot of medical looking after, and I have to give back $500.00 of our 1 social security (ha-ha) check in order to be at the poverty level to receive medicaid help so I can see a Doctor ! If I came here illegally, I would have it all, and why ? If I had chosen to be a welfare lifer, i would have it all. No, we did it right, and now we are counted as having medicaid as our insurance, hubby on medicare (They told me I would be on it too after two years, but alas, again, no).I can see none of the doctors that I need to see, and my medical equipment is orange(tubing), my oxygen concentrator is OLD, and my Bi-Pap machine is not powerful enough for me (runs full-tilt boogy just to keep-up). The company I got them from won"t even service them or replace things that should be routinely replaced(hoses, water container, face mask, ect. . HELP ME! Tell the people the lies on ALL of this medical B.S. is just that ! Who is getting all this $$$$$$ ! Not what I was promised when I was living. Merely existing in OHIO !Husband is Terminally ill, and I'm runnin' a close second. No "Well-Care" here. Say Hi to all at CNN-Love you all, Ann

January 27, 2010 at 1:37 pm |